Our Brand Story

TheShineReal is a designer brand that has been focusing on the research, development, production, and sales of high-grade clothing. In the early days of the brand, we had a large number of users who gave us their full support and resonated with our philosophy. We always insist on providing buyers with quality and comfortable products. And it is suitable for modern women who seek their authentic selves, as well as those who seek independence and abundance without sacrificing their natural manner.

Fabric Craft

We always use natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly raw materials, and adhere to its high-quality wool, natural fibers, and vegetable dyes ... Everything is meticulous and flawless. We invest months in selecting the best fabrics, such as cashmere fabrics from Inner Mongolia, a world-renowned cashmere-producing region. In order to echo the luxury of cashmere fabrics and achieve the perfect workmanship standard, we have been very careful throughout the production process, making many trials and improvements to achieve the current quality. In addition, we have tried and innovated many times, adding more new fabrics.

Our Mission

We strain every muscle to build a pure, minimalist, relaxed, elegant, and cost-effective clothing concept for our buyers, offering a lifestyle where a fashionable attitude and nature coexist in harmony. TheShineReal goes straight to the source of the best cashmere in the world - the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia. We work directly with the herders to bring you high-quality, sustainable, and incredibly soft knitwear at an affordable price.

About Our Company

Company:Yinchuan Yirui Trading Co., Ltd.

Address:Rainforest Space International Incubator 2022-ZC094, Block B, Yinchuan Zhongguancun Innovation Center, Xixia District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

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