How to Care for Your Sweaters

How to Care for Your Sweaters

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1. Sweaters should always be folded. The best way to prevent peaks in the shoulders and preserve the shape of your sweater is by keeping them in drawers or on shelves, folded or rolled. If you must hang your sweater, fold it over the hanger with some tissue paper, so a crease doesn’t appear.

2. A good rule of thumb is to clean your sweater every two or three times you wear it. Bring it to Fashion Cleaners for the highest quality and care.

3. To shrink a sweater that has stretched out, you should wet the sweater down, then put a dryer on very high heat until it is scorched. The more water you add to the sweater, the more it will shrink. If your sweater is miss shaped you can customize your shrink just to those certain areas.

4. Pills on sweaters unfortunately are inevitable, but getting rid of them is pretty easy. Hold the sweater flat with one hand, and slice the pills off with a razor. You can also buy pill removers online.

5. The best way to fold or roll your sweater is to lay it front down on a flat surface. Fold the arms in one at a time across the back of the sweater. Then either fold it in half or roll it from the bottom hem up to the collar.

6. Because fall and winter only last for so long it is important to thoroughly clean your sweaters before it's time to store them away in a breathable clothing storage bag.

7. When you do store your seasonal clothing it’s a good idea to throw some cedar or lavender in a satchel. Pesky bugs don’t like it and will steer away from your clothes.

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